• E-bike rental
  • E-bike charging stations

E-Bike Rental

3 minutes driving from our Chalet you can rent e-bikes and go on long trips to Gaistal, e.g. to Seebensee. If you would like just a touring bike or an off-road mountain bike, both are available as e-bikes.

Beautiful tours are waiting for you.

The infrastructure for e-bikes is constantly being expanded in Leutasch. There are numerous charging stations for e-bikes on the riding ways and the huts. There are also service stations plenty of tools for minor repairs.

Riding with the e-bike to Gaistal

There, where you can only walk on long hikes, your e-bike will take you on a comfortable tour through the whole Gaistal valley to Seebensee, one of the most beautiful lakes in Tyrol.

E-bike rental
E-bike charging stations