The natural lakes around Leutasch (see “Water Element")

The Leutasch gorge ghost The Leutasch ghost gorge.

Hellwaters and ghostpumps, witches cauldron and devil's water, an adventure world of water and stone. Welcome to the realm of the Klammgeist and his goblins!. Everyone has heard of ghosts, goblins and dwarfs. They are supposed to be at home in the untouched nature. But only a few humans have been able to see such beings themselves ...

Don’t be afraid, is a nice summer walk. Far deep in the Leutascher gorge ghost, when we get inside the forest through the gorge gate, we feel a strange and mysterious reality. It is the realm of the gorge-ghost, who is up in his roaring castle of bubbling swirls and whirls, of rushing cascades and bizarre cliffs. A metal hanging structure in the gorse lets us gaze into the dwelling place of the gorge.

The Klammkobolde (gorge goblins) and Wasserzwerge (water dwarves) live right at the exit of the up to 75 m deep gorge. They are all nature beings that we only see and hear when we leave everyday rushed life behind us and immerse ourselves in the mysterious world of the ghost gorge.

Ganghofer Museum / Leutasch

Not only for hunting enthusiasts a very special cultural pleasure. Here you get an insight into the local hunting, as well as the Leutascher village history and the Ganghofer’s life.


Peace Bell and Walk / Mösern

The largest free-hanging bell in the Alpine region is reminiscent of the good neighborhood and union of the Alpine countries. As a prelude to this magnificent sight, the peace trail invites you to meditate. When, on October 12, 1997, the legendary South Tirolean state governor Dr. Silvius Magnago ring the peace bell of the Alpine region for the first time, this was a festive highlight to the 25th anniversary of the ARGE ALP (Association of Alpine countries Bavaria, Tirol and South Tirol).

Symbol of good neighborliness in the Alpine region in one of the most impressive places in Tyrol in the Peace Village Mösern - the Swallow's Bird Nest in Tirol - the Peace Bell stands as a powerful symbol of union and good neighborliness in the sensitive Alpine region on the roof of Europe. It is precisely in this growing Europe, with its multiple cultures, languages, living conditions, peace and war stories, that the quest for union is a task of responsibility to future generations.

The peace bell is the largest bell in Tirol. Its height is 2.51 meters and it has a diameter of 2.54 meters. Over 10 tons of cast bronze must carry the yoke and withstand the extreme vibrations. The clapper alone weighs over half a ton. Every day at 5:00 pm the heavy bell rings and the sound goes far into the Oberinntal.

Peace Trail

The peace trail with a total of 7 stations, which offers suggestions for self-meditation and thinking, serves as a prelude to this extraordinary experience. It starts at the parking lot of Seewald Hut and leads to the Peace Bell Calvary / Mösern.

The Möserer Calvary from 1830 was restored and expanded in 1988/89. A hiking trail covered with beautiful nature and holly gems waiting for you at the so called Bee Trail / Reith. On the trail of nature you can visit the Bee Trail in Reith. The small honey suppliers will be introduced to the visitor on the basis of descriptive information boards and the first "bee hotel" in Austria.

Cultural Trail / Reith

Tyrolean village culture in its most beautiful form - discover it on the Reither Cultural Hiking Trail with 10 stops. An interesting excursion - not just for culture lovers.

Porta Claudia / Scharnitz

In Scharnitz, at the centuries ago former Austrian customs office you can still see them today: the ruins of the huge fortress "Porta Claudia", an impressive legacy of history.